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Monthly updates for December 2017

22 Dec

December update for Azure IoT Edge


The December update for Azure IoT Edge contains improvements to the runtime, portal, and documentation.

  • Internet of Things
21 Dec

Preview: Azure SDK for Go 12.0.0


Preview version 12.0.0-beta of the Azure SDK for Go is now available to help you use Azure services from Go applications. To get it, run `go get -u github.com/Azure/azure-sdk-for-go/...` or use dep.

  • Azure Resource Manager
  • Azure Cosmos DB
  • Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
  • Cognitive Services
19 Dec

Azure DevTest Labs: Set up internal support information for your lab

Set up internal support information for your lab.

  • Azure DevTest Labs
19 Dec

General availability: Azure CNI plug-in


Azure CNI allows your containers to be part of an Azure Virtual Network and leverage the rich set of capabilities that a virtual network offers.

  • Virtual Network
15 Dec

Azure Bot Service and Language Understanding (LUIS)


Microsoft Cognitive Services and Azure Bot Service enable you to augment the next generation of chatbots with the ability to see, hear, speak, understand and interpret needs using natural methods of communication. Language Understanding (LUIS) and Azure Bot Service are both now generally available on the Azure portal.

14 Dec

PHP updated to latest versions for App Service

In January 2018, Azure App Service will update the PHP stacks to the latest available versions.

  • App Service
14 Dec

Azure Active Directory Domain Services supports Azure CSP subscriptions

Azure Active Directory Domain Services now supports Azure CSP subscriptions.

  • Azure Active Directory Domain Services
  • Security
14 Dec

GUID migration: Managed Disks and Blob storage

As of December 6, 2017, consumption for Managed Disks and consumption for Blob storage are measured using separate GUIDs.

  • Storage Accounts
13 Dec

Azure Archive Storage and blob-level tiering


Azure Archive Storage is now generally available. Archive storage will provide a cold storage option for customers interested in lowering their storage costs for long-term data that’s rarely accessed.

8 Dec

Media Services SDKs for Java and PHP support Azure Active Directory Authentication

Azure Media Services client SDKs for both Java and PHP now support Azure Active Directory authentication.

  • Media Services
8 Dec

Azure Cosmos DB Network Security – New IP Firewall rule


We now support a new firewall rule that will allow you to limit access to your Azure Cosmos DB account from services deployed in Azure.

8 Dec

Azure Cosmos DB Graph API


The Azure Cosmos DB Graph API now supports the Apache Tinkerpop recommended Gremlin framework PHP.

8 Dec

M-series virtual machines now available


The highest performing Azure virtual machines (VMs) to date, the M-series, are now available.

8 Dec

Azure IoT Central


Azure IoT Central is a fully managed SaaS offering for customers and partners that enables powerful IoT scenarios without requiring cloud solution expertise.

8 Dec

ND and NCv2 virtual machines now available


ND and NCv2 virtual machines (VMs), as announced at Build 2017, are now available.

7 Dec

Automation runbooks available in action groups to take actions from alerts


You can run an Automation runbook when an alert triggers an action group on an Azure resource. This capability extends the actions you can take in response to the alert.

  • Automation
6 Dec

Azure portal update for classic portal users

To provide a single, streamlined experience for Azure portal users, we will be sunsetting the Azure classic portal on January 8, 2018.

5 Dec

Azure SQL Data Warehouse: Support for SQL Operations Studio


SQL Operations Studio (preview) is a free tool that runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux, for managing SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, and Azure SQL Data Warehouse; wherever they're running.

  • Azure Synapse Analytics
2 Dec

PHP stacks updated to the latest versions

As of December 2017, we have updated the PHP stacks to these latest available versions.

  • App Service
1 Dec

Azure DevTest Labs: Enable custom images with licensing terms

As a lab user, you can now create a custom image from a licensed image (Data science, Bitnami, Kali Linux).

  • Azure DevTest Labs


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