Media Analytics

Extract advanced metadata using deep-learning based analysis.



  • Automatically generate standard caption files for your videos
  • Choose from a growing selection of languages
  • Extract spoken keywords to help in search and recommendation
  • Use customised vocabulary adaptation to recognise domain-specific speech content

Hyperlapse (Preview)

  • Technology built on more than 20 years of research in computational photography
  • Create smooth and stabilised time lapses from first-person videos
  • Support for different speed-up factors from 1x to 25x

Motion detection (Preview)

  • Detect when motion has occurred in videos with stationery backgrounds
  • Eliminate false positives caused by light changes, shadows, small insects and other issues

Face detection (Preview)

  • Detect faces that appear in videos
  • Track movement of faces over multiple frames
  • Analyse the output metadata that provides information about timestamps and face locations

Face emotion detection (Preview)

  • Recognise the emotion of a person or crowd over time based on the facial expressions in the video
  • Identify emotions based on expressions that psychological research has identified as universal
  • Recognise specific emotions, such as happiness, sadness, surprise, anger, contempt, fear, digest and neutral

Video summarisation (Preview)

  • Create summaries of long videos to enable consumers to get a quick preview of the video
  • Choose to create between short previews that are a few seconds long, or slightly longer previews that are a few minutes long
  • Choose whether fade transitions should be applied between shots in the summarised videos
  • Ideal for building a web page similar to the Bing Videos search page

Video optical character recognition (Preview)

  • Extract typeset words from video content
  • Select your own sampling rate to balance performance and quality
  • Specify where in the video to look for captions.

Content moderation (Preview)

  • Detect pornography, racism, profanity, violence and other content that you want to moderate in a video
  • Save money and reduce errors by avoiding the need to hire human content moderators to screen for offensive, illicit and inappropriate content

Experience video AI with Video Indexer

Video Indexer is a Video AI experience based on Azure Media Services, Cognitive Services and Azure Search. Video Indexer provides an intuitive web-based UI and API that you can use to see advanced metadata extraction in action. Upload a video or choose one from the library and see the advanced insights provided by the AI based analysis.

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