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Azure Container Apps

Build and deploy fully managed, cloud- native apps and microservices using serverless containers.

Build and deploy modern apps and microservices at scale

Azure Container Apps is a fully managed Kubernetes-based application platform that helps you deploy apps from code or containers without orchestrating complex infrastructure. Build heterogeneous modern apps or microservices with unified centralized networking, observability, dynamic scaling, and configuration for higher productivity. Design resilient microservices with full support for Dapr and dynamic scaling powered by KEDA.

Support for open-source technology with end-to-end developer productivity, debugging, logging, and Azure DevOps

Advanced identity and access management to monitor container governance at scale and secure your environment

Scalable, portable platform with low management costs for improved velocity to production

Flexible deployments on your infrastructure of choice from the cloud to the edge with Azure Arc

Rapidly build and deploy microservices

Achieve high developer velocity and app-centric productivity while using open standards on a cloud-native foundation with no programming model requirement. Include Azure Container Apps, Azure Functions, and Azure Spring Apps in the same execution environment with unified networking and observability. Simplify runtime portability with Dapr using built-in pluggable components for tasks like event processing, pub/sub, and service invocation. Autoscale apps to zero using in-built KEDA.

Steps for creating and deploying an application
Monitoring graphs for a container app in Azure

Get hosting plans for all your needs

Execute your code in serverless or dedicated mode

Enforce regulatory compliance controls using Azure Policy, with built-in guardrails and cloud security benchmarks. Get fine-grained identity and access control using Azure Active Directory.

Use UDR and leverage Azure Firewall for secure egress traffic. Troubleshoot using a container console, view real-time log streams, gain performance and health insights with Azure Monitor metrics explorer, and view and monitor logs with Log Analytics.

Build multitype serverless cloud-native microservices

Maximize productivity with a serverless container service built for microservices, robust autoscaling, and no infrastructure management. Provision heterogeneous containers in an Azure Container App environment with Azure Functions and Azure Spring Apps for a unified and managed application platform experience. Rely on built-in service discovery options for microservice communication and managed HTTP and HTTP/2 ingress endpoints based on Envoy.

Azure Container Apps example scenarios such as Public API Endpoints, Background processing, event-driven processing and microservices
Revision management in Azure

Deploy from the cloud to the edge with Azure Arc

Setup code-to-cloud pipelines using GitHub Actions or Azure DevOps. Perform application lifecycle tasks such as application upgrades, versioning, and traffic shifting with straightforward configurations. Use Azure Arc for Azure Container Apps to build portable microservices across multicloud environments.

Comprehensive security and compliance, built in

A security center overview in Azure showing policy and compliance data and resource security hygiene


  • ITAR

  • CJIS


  • IRS 1075

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Frequently asked questions about Azure Container Apps

  • Yes, this is the default configuration. When the minimum instances setting is zero, you'll pay only when your app is active in response to events and/or requests.

  • Yes. The first 180,000 vCPU per second, 360,000 GiB/s, and 2 million requests each month are free. Beyond that, you'll pay for what you use based on the number of vCPU per second and Gbps your applications consume.

  • Active usage occurs while your container is starting or while there is at least one request being processed by the application. By default, applications scale to zero. You can also configure Container Apps with a minimum number of instances to always run in idle mode. Idle usage is charged at a reduced rate when the application isn't processing any requests.

    • You can create a Spring app using your existing flows or templates with the option to specify an Azure Container Apps environment.
    • You can continue using the current features of Azure Spring Apps.
    • You have the option to use common platform capabilities through additional controls in the Azure Spring Apps blade.
    • You can also switch to using common platform capabilities. Azure Spring Apps will provide a way to either override local capability with platform capability or synchronize with the centralized platform capability.

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