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Configure a Site-to-Site VPN using the Management Portal Wizard

This tutorial walks you through the steps to create an Azure virtual network. After you complete the tutorial, you'll have a virtual network that you can deploy your Azure services to.

Azure Virtual Network Overview

Technical library guidance to help you get started with Virtual Network. Learn about network configuration, VPN devices and affinity groups for virtual networks, and how to monitor network traffic.


Azure Name Resolution

Learn how to use this related technology to connect to virtual machines and role instances within a cloud service by hostname directly by using the name resolution service provided by Azure.

Azure Schema Reference

Documentation for the schema used in the network configuration file, which you use to specify Virtual Network configuration settings.

Understand the basics of network security

This white paper provides an overview of how to use the built-in and configurable security capabilities of Azure networking.


About Configuring a Virtual Network in the Management Portal

This tutorial walks you through the steps to create a virtual network that connects to your company's network.

Network Configuration Tasks

Procedures for creating an affinity group, importing config files, changing network properties, and configuring your gateway.