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Auditing Media Assets Lifecycle – Part 2

Part 2 in a series of posts that will help you audit the life cycle of media assets (with sample code). Part 2 specifically focused on tracking assets as they are copied from Storage to VMs for media processing.

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Futures support and breaking changes in the Mobile Services Android SDK

Addressing feedback on the usage of asynchronous calls in Android, we’ve released a major update in the Android SDK for Azure Mobile Services with futures support. With that, you can now easily perform multiple of those operations without having to deal with multiple nested callbacks. The changes are additive in most of the scenarios, but in some advanced scenarios we made a breaking change to make futures the default model used by the Azure Mobile Services Android SDK for dealing with asynchronous operations.

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Offline Sync for Mobile Services

The best mobile apps handle network interruptions gracefully, allowing users to be productive despite the lack of connectivity. Learn how you can use the offline sync feature of Azure Mobile Services to create responsive apps that work, even when the network doesn’t.


Avoiding IP Blacklisting with Azure Web Sites

In a multi-tenant environment where customers share a number of IP addresses, it’s not uncommon to have malicious content on a site or two. In some case they may be result of compromise and in other cases this may be intentional.