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Application Insights now supports ASP.NET 5 applications

We just released the first preview of Application Insights for the ASP.NET v5 (a.k.a ASP.NET vNext) web applications and will allow you to monitor server requests and exceptions for your application as well as collect end user information and browser page performance.


Full-Text Search is now available for preview in Azure SQL Database

With the growing popularity of storing and managing data using Azure SQL Database, demand for full-text search capabilities in a wide variety of applications is rapidly increasing. With Full-Text Search now available in Azure SQL Database, you have access to fast and efficient search capabilities for your demanding applications.

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IaaS Just Got Easier. Again

Announcing public preview for template-based deployments of Compute, Networking and Storage, using the Azure Resource Manager to transform building, deploying and managing large-scale complex applications into simple actions.


Build 2015: Azure Storage Announcements!

It’s time for BUILD 2015, and the Azure Storage team has several exciting announcements to make. We hope that these new features will enable you to write more powerful applications with Azure Storage.


Announcing Application Insights Public Preview

As you might heard, we are announcing Public Preview of Visual Studio Application Insights, which is an analytics solution for any app that brings together Application Performance Management and Usage Analytics.


Introducing Azure Data Lake

Today at Build, we announced the Azure Data Lake, Microsoft’s hyperscale repository for big data analytic workloads in the cloud. This offering is built for the cloud, compatible with HDFS, and has unbounded scale with massive throughput and enterprise-grade capabilities.


Introducing App Service Environment

Today we’re pleased to introduce the public preview of an additional exclusive Premium service plan option: App Service Environment.