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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Data Protection and More

Your data in Azure benefits from multiple layers of security technologies, operational practices, and compliance policies in order to enforce data privacy and integrity. A new white paper provides in-depth information about protecting critical data in Azure at every layer, whether structured or unstructured, in-transit, or at-rest.


Azure IaaS workload protection using Data Protection Manager

System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) is an established backup product for protecting Microsoft on-premise workloads. As our customers move some or all of their infrastructure to Azure, a key ask is the ability to back up workloads now running in Azure.

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Introducing Microsoft Migration Accelerator

I’m excited to announce the limited preview of the Migration Accelerator (MA), for Azure. Spawned from the technology of our InMage acquisition the MA is designed to seamlessly migrate physical, VMware, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Hyper-V workloads into Azure.


Azure SQL Database Standard Geo-Replication

In this post, we will continue the conversation about the business continuity scenarios and discuss the newly released Standard Geo-Replication feature of Azure SQL Database. Before diving into the details, it would be useful to summarize the full range of the business continuity features now available in preview and discuss what you should use and why.