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Replicate Azure Pack IaaS Workloads to Azure using ASR

A few months back, we announced Azure Site Recovery (ASR)’s integration with Azure Pack, which enabled our Service Providers to start offering Managed Disaster Recovery for IaaS Workloads using ASR and Azure Pack.

Cloud computing concept

New set of Hybrid Cloud Test Environments

What if you want to set up something that mimics a hybrid cloud, complete with a cross-premises virtual network to a VPN device at your organization?

Azure Regions

Azure API Management Premium

More capacity for high volume API programs, more cache, more throughput, more regions and an even higher SLA for mission critical API Programs. I’m excited to introduce the new Premium tier of Azure API Management.


Managing On-Premises Systems with Azure Automation

Thanks to the Windows PowerShell Remoting feature, Azure Automation can not only manage your Azure resources at an infrastructural level, but also reach inside VMs and execute commands.