Microsoft Acquires StorSimple

In October I shared that we had reached a definitive agreement to acquire StorSimple, a leader in the emerging category known as Cloud-integrated Storage (CiS).  Today I am excited to announce we have completed the acquisition and StorSimple is officially part of Microsoft.

This is another step toward realizing our Cloud OS vision – a consistent platform spanning a customer’s data center, a service provider’s data center and Windows Azure – and helping customers who are struggling with the explosion of data and all of the related costs.  With StorSimple, customers have a CiS solution that consolidates storage infrastructure and seamlessly integrates on-premises and cloud-based storage through intelligent automation and data management.

Now  we can help customers who want to embrace CiS and realize its benefits of increased flexibility, scalability and improved economics.  I encourage you to explore how the StorSimple solution  can meet your needs.  To get more information please contact your Microsoft representative or visit the StorSimple website.

We look forward to working with our partners and the ecosystem to continue to offer an increasingly diverse range of storage solutions for Windows Server and Windows Azure – built and powered by one of the broadest partner ecosystems in the world.

Michael Park

Corporate Vice President, Server and Tools Division, Microsoft