New Videos Showcase Windows Azure Customers

Check out these new videos to hear how customers Sogeti, Quosal and Paladin Systems have each tapped into the power of Windows Azure to cost-effectively grow their business and serve their customers.

Sogeti Creates the Windows Azure Privilege Club

Sogeti is a leading provider of professional technology services, specializing in application and infrastructure management and testing. Sogeti created the Windows Azure Privilege Club to bring together some of their enterprise clients and introduce them to Windows Azure. Sogeti employs more than 20,000 professionals in 15 countries.

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Quosal Offers Cloud-Based Database, Sales Jump 50 Percent

Quosal wanted to offer a hosted version of its quote and proposal software to customers around the world, but this would require building three new data centers. Quosal turned to SQL Azure as an alternative to building its own global hosting infrastructure. Almost overnight this 10-person company gained access to a worldwide market of customers who benefit from having their Quosal databases hosted in the cloud, rather than managing their own on-premises servers. In 10 months, Quosal increased its customer base by 15 percent and global sales by 50 percent—while avoiding a planned U.S.$300,000 in infrastructure costs and ongoing monthly maintenance costs of $6,000.

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Paladin Data Systems Reduces Operating Costs with SQL Azure

In 2009, Paladin Data Systems moved its planning and permits solution from the Oracle platform to SQL Server 2008 to attract small, municipal government customers. To make it easy for these jurisdictions to acquire and use the solution, called SMARTGov Community, Paladin wanted to offer a hosted version. Paladin turned to SQL Azure as a less expensive alternative to building its own hosting infrastructure. Almost immediately, attracted by the easy deployment, low maintenance, and reliability of a Microsoft-hosted solution, Paladin gained its first customer. Looking ahead, it expects increased market share and profit margins because it can provision customers in the cloud at a tenth of what it would have cost to host solutions in-house.

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