SQL Azure at a Glance

[This article was contributed by the SQL Azure team.]

In this quick 10 minute video, you’ll get a quick overview and good understanding of the flexibility of the SQL Azure services. The power behind SQL Azure is how it can be used to create many new cloud-based applications, and also extend the reach of data with hybrid applications that connect both to the cloud and on premises databases. In this video, I’ll explain SQL Azure architecture in more detail. I will also cover the business intelligence functionality of SQL Azure Reporting, as well as talk to SQL Azure’s data collaboration capabilities through Data Sync.

We’ll walk through several example SQL Azure usage scenarios, such as powering web experiences, extending on-premises applications and data to the cloud, and supporting departmental applications. It’s critical to understand just how available, scalable, and reliable your data now is on SQL Azure—and can be accessed from anywhere via the internet. 

After checking out this video, visit Sqlazure.com for more information and for additional resources.


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